Compatibility With ATS 1.36 And Pirated Mods

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Dom Nov 10, 2019 5:35 pm

I have two questions. First, both the free basic and premium bus mods that are out or are coming out for 1.35 are they also gonna be compatible with 1.36? Seeing that they have DX 11 support and 1.36 is strictly DX 11?

Also there is a site called that is posting copies of buses from here. There was one posted that as far as I know hasn't been released as a basic version yet that they have on their site. You probably should check them out in the event that they are stealing mods which is not fair to you who put in hours and months into making them or to those who have purchsed the premium version.


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Lun Nov 11, 2019 6:12 pm

Hi. Regarding your first question, yes, compatible mods as well as future updates are fully compatible with version 1.36 and DX11. In fact, we already suggest to users, use DX11 and not DX9.

Now, regarding the site of mods you mention, I commented that I already reviewed it and none of the mods that appear there is a premium version. In fact, the Irizar PB that is there is an adaptation of the first version that was created. Either way, we thank you for informing us.

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